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Private Lessons

Students work weekly with a Suzuki-certified teacher in a one-on-one setting for a 30, 45, or 60 min. time period. Parents are encouraged and expected to attend lessons, and participate as requested. Parents serve as the home teacher during daily home practice. Private lessons are at the core of good music instruction, and include opportunity to develop tone, posture, musicality, phrasing, rhythm and meter, and note reading ability.

Tuition: 30 min. ($39 )/ 45 min. ($55) / 60 min. ($70)

Invoices are given monthly or quarterly, at the discretion of the teacher. Some group classes/orchestra may require additional fees.


Group Class

Group class may meet weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on student age and ability level. Group class gives the opportunity for students to reinforce concepts they have learned in a private lesson. Repertoire review is a crucial component of a Suzuki group class, as well as developing skills such as balance, ensemble, relationship-building, and performing in front of peers.


Group Performing Opportunities

Students in Book 3 and above have the opportunity to perform in a group setting. Students in Book 3-4 will be placed in a small orchestra where they develop ensemble skills. Students in Book 5+ are part of the Advanced Ensemble, and learn professional-level repertoire to perform at the STEP program's yearly performances. The String Serenade performing group is by teacher recommendation, and gives students the opportunity to perform professional-level repertoire with choreography and movement. The String Serenade is also STEP's touring ensemble. This group has toured in the USA (Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York, and Tennessee) and Europe (Germany and Austria).

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